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 HALLOWEEN - THE VR EXPERIENCE Kate loves Halloween so every year it is mandatory we do something spooky on Halloween night. We were tired of going to our regular Haunted Hayride, Horror nights, or the Knotts berry farm so this year we went for something a bit different: VR. There's this place called VOID who has a variety of VR attractions such as Ghostbusters or StarWars That sounded like fun and not too scary since they don't have real ghosts but virtual ones. So on Halloween night, me, Kate and our friend Brett met up at the Glendale Galleria Mall at 10pm for some Halloween VR thrill. As soon as we entered the store we could hear loud screams from people with VR googles going through card-box mazes. That sounded ridiculous. This is just a fucking video-game. There's no need to be over-dramatic. As soon as they come out of the card-box maze, they look as if they had just being attacked by a Serial-Killer. I would think to myself: "Those people are

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