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Moving out from Laurel Canyon Apartment.

Last month I moved out from my apartment in Laurel Canyon Area. I hate dealing with the moving part of it and will do anything to avoid the horrible stress of caring hundreds of boxes and furniture--So I hired a moving company I founded on Yelp. They are called Royal Movers.

When I first met the movers I was a bit skeptical in seeing a Giant yellow truck with no adds or any kind of label indicating they are the actual "Royal Movers." Naturally, I freaked out when I saw these two buff  dudes come out of it. They were two young Russians and and their shirts were a bit too short for them. They were also wearing super tight shorts. That made me very uncomfortable ---

So I asked them: "Are you guys sure you are with the Royal Movers?  Maybe you got the wrong address." 
They proudly pointed to the "Royal Movers" logo in their shirts and with utter indignation they said:  "Have that ever happened to you?"

As soon as we arrived at my apartment, they st…

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