Genetically modified creatures

Gorillas with odd features.

These drawings were made in the character design class where We were supposed to draw a midget in this weird horse. We had to push the shapes of both characters. It was fun!


jesus chambrot said…
I love your gorillas, Leo!
Leo Matsuda said…
Thanks for the kind words Jesus!
marco's blog said…
great designs!!
The horses are great and the gorilla is awesome!
Moro Rogers said…
Holy crap, a sudden wealth of awesomeness!!
Leo Matsuda said…
Gabriele: Thanks for the "Bravo"....Your stuff is looking amazing in your blog too!

Moro: are funny Moro! How was the lunch at DW?.....Enjoy your winter brake!
lorelay bove said…
You finally posted artwork!!! Taht'sgreat Leo!!!
Everything is awesome!!!
What did you use for the gorillas?
Leo Matsuda said…
Hey Lorelay! Good to hear from you. Can't wait to see your film. Your backgrounds are looking beautiful!
I did that gorillas using bushes from photoshop. You should try some digital work too!
incredible work in everything! colors, shapes design and drawing it's all so interesting!totally awesome
Leo Matsuda said…
Thanks George!!! Loved your work too....really unique and creative!!!
Unknown said…
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