grasshopper player

studies of grasshopper playing baseball.


Moro Rogers said…
Damn, I don't check your blog for a few days and look what happens...these are really cool!!
lorelay bove said…
Yeah I agree with Moro!
All of these are really good!
I like the grasshoper you can totally feel his personality :)
Enjae Lee said…
Wow- great works!!!
Scott Watanabe said…
Very nice. Love these characters so much and would love to see more of them.
Paul Abadilla said…
i dig it Leo!
Unknown said…
Hey Leo, I need a noun for the Chades challenge. Also, your bugs are great! I always have a tough time getting gesture and design into a drawing, and I usually have to focus on one or the other. How do you do it, man??
Leo Matsuda said…
Moro: Thanks for checking out my blog!How's everything going?

Lorelay: I'm glad you liked my grasshopper. He looks kind of mad, doesn't he?....

enjae lee: Thank you so much! lovely work in your blog.

pavementmouse: thanks for the kind words. I will try to post more!!!

paul abadilla: Hey bro! How are you?....I need to talk to you about that lecture you guys want from James. I'll call you soon.

munchanka: Well, your stuff is awesome and really gestural man! I don't think you need feedback. Anyways, I usually try to get the gesture right with a really broad marker first on a separated piece of paper. Just the idea that I really want to focus on. After getting the idea down I start my final design. For the challenge how about some fun crocodiles??
wow! real nice! love those shapes!
philip vose said… know what i think. it's hard for me to not tell you every time i pass your cube that i like your work. stay strong man because you're certainly coming across that way. cheers
Anand said…
Nice design and color work :)
I can't stop looking at your watercolored insects, a very refreshing look somewhat reminiscent of japanese scroll paintings combined with good ol' American Wackiness

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