Scary Neighboor

It's always a joy to meet new neighbors in my complex. I try to go out of my way to say hi or get to know them since it's a community and you might need their help or vice-versa. However, a few days ago I encountered a quite peculiar neighbor. She is definitely not too friendly looking. She has a hairy black uni brow and a solid black puffy hair. She even has a black cat. Sometimes I think she might be a real witch.

My friend Mario Miranda gave me a ride back home the other day and he spotted the lady. He pretended as if everything was okay but I could tell that deep inside he was frightened. He said " That's a strange looking lady, Leo. Does she live in your neighborhood?" After that I reassured myself that wasn't just me that thought that lady was scary. I was determined to not cross her path.

So the other day I had to do my laundry at night since I had no underwear anymore. I started walking towards the laundry room which is located on the back of my complex.

Suddenly I spotted the creepy lady on the hallway. I was freaking out but I had no choice but to do the laundry since I'm very clean and wouldn't wear a used underwear two times.

Not wanting to face her I sneaked behind her so she wouldn't see me.

Somehow, the lady sensed me and she turned to me screaming out of her lungs. She looked even scarier than she usually looks. That means scarier than a Witch!! Off course I freaked out and started yelling too.

After all the horror, She apologized and told me that she was so sorry for scarring me. I felt bad afterwards because she seemed harmless and sweet despite of her horrible appearance. And then I remembered the lesson that they thought me at school: Do never judge someone by their appearance. In theory that works but not always in real life.

Would you look into her eyes and say hi to her? but please be honest with your answer.


tek! said…
haha I'd run back to my appartment and just wear the dirty underwear a little longer and maybe come back really late for washing!
but witches stay up late aswell :(
also, for christmas, secretly slip a facial razor in her letterbox. its only $3!
Leo Matsuda said…
Tek: Those are great advices, man. the facial razor idea is hilarious!!!
Seo Kim said…
Hahaha! That drawing of the 2 of you screaming in terror is freaking priceless. If I ran into her in the middle of the night, I think I'd instinctively throw water at her. When she fails to melt, I would feel terrible about myself.
Leo Matsuda said…
Megan: That's a funny idea!! I'm glad you liked our terrified expressions!
Unknown said…
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