Friday, October 29, 2010


I've been feeling kinda old for the last few days so my girlfriend convinced me to go to a Spa so we could rejuvenate ourselves. The place was really warm and welcoming with the exception of some of the visitors which seemed to be a bit selfish. This large lady in pink bikini, for instance, was using the whole swimming pool as if it was her own bath tub.  We tried pushing her aside and whisper in her ears but she wouldn't even move.

We decided to go to the medicinal water pool so we could forget about that selfish lady and focus on our goal which was rejuvenating ourselves. The say that medicinal water has different types of mineral salts that can help your body get rid of impurities and  revitalize your energies. We were starting to feel comfortable in the hot medicinal water until a couple started approaching the pool.             

 The man seemed to be very enthusiastic about the pool. " Come to the water, pumpkin. It's medicinal water."

The lady seemed to be kind of skeptical. She got a handful of medicinal water in her hands and started to analyze it.
She brought it close to her nose and sniffed it.
Ladie:  "Oh my Lord!!" she said.
Ladie:  " This is no medicinal water. This smells more like pee! I'll stick with my Chlorine!!
" Oh right, my pumpkin." the man jumped from the water and followed his lady.  A clear case of submissive husband and bossy wife.
After that situation we all ended up being skeptical about the water too. Was that really mineral salt water? Maybe the lady was right.
We ended up going to the mud pool. There we were hoping to find what we were looking for: Rejuvenation of our bodies!! However, the process of covering ourselves in dirt was too disgusting so we gave up on rejuvenating.
Instead of rejuvenating we decided to sit and enjoy the sun. However, the hit was intense and all the umbrelas were being taken.  Lindsey has a very resistant skin since she is Hawaiian so that sun was nothing for her. However, that sun was burning me like hell. I tried to cover myself with all the books I had but that wasn't enough.

My whole body was burning like crazy. I could barely move. I turned on the shower button and then started noticing an increasingly engine sound ramming above my head when suddenly....
I felt like meteors falling in my back. I believe it was a commando 450 model. If you have watched the  Seinfeld episode " The shower head" you would immediately understand what I went through. On the top of that don't forget that my body was already burning like hell.  By the end of our Spa adventure I was still old, but relieved that adventure was over.


de aap said...

Wow, who'd have thought rejuvenating was so much hard work? I love these little adventures you post on your blog and I think the colors are really awesome!

tek! said...

hahaha love the sunburn patches!

Vincenzo said...

It's good to start your day off with a laugh...thank you for providing that!!!

DSM said...

Poor Leo......

'Pumkin' really is a pumpkin! Happy Hallowe'en!

Daniel said...

Love that you're adding color now, you seem to have a knack for that too.

-C- said...

I like that storytelling

Xavier Yabut said...

I really like your stories, you meet so many interesting people...

Meg Park said...

these are fantastic, love your style!

Marcos Mateu said...

Great! love the story! (sorry about the hard time you went through thou...)

Claire said...

Haha! love your stories. They always make me laugh.

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