The Raging Bull

 Last weekend I was hanging out at San Fernando St. with my Girlfriend Lindsey and we saw this giant dude approaching us. He looked like one of those badass assassins from the cohen brothers films and that made me a little apprehensive.
His arms were both tattooed with menacing creatures from Hell. He had a huge chain around his neck and his skull was massive as a boulder. I would never, ever create any trouble with a guy like that.

Suddenly, he stopped walking.  He put both of his hands at his massive head and yelled out loud the word SHIT! I thought  it was going to be the end of my life. Like I said before I would never, ever make that guy mad or upset so I asked Lindsey if she had stepped on his feet or something but she said no.
The first thing that came to my head was running for our lives. I told Lindsey to run after the count of 3.
Then we started hearing a cry. The giant dude was sobbing like a little boy.

Then I realized that the giant dude was actually a really sweet and sensitive man. He  yelled the word SHIT! in such distress because he spotted a hobo almost getting run over by a spoiled hipster kid driving a corvette. It really touched me how a guy with his looks and toughness could have such a sensitive side.


Gabby Zapata said…
what a sweet little story! it's the little things in life that make life more interesting :)
bcthree said…
tek! said…
you have the best stories to tell,leo! I love the twist on this one
Cute story.
Skim said…
amazing story, ahahaha
Munchanka said…
Chances are the hobo was a rival hipster, they're very hard to tell apart these days. Great sketches, man!
nate v said…
a lovely moment in lifestory.
chunxue said…
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