Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been really busy with work, and also with my new healthy life style. I decided to start taking the gym seriously from now on and now I'm pushing super  heavy weights. Hopefully in a few months I'll have a massive chest, super strong and ripped biceps and a sexy and meaty butt.  I was always really skinny and never had an athletic body. This is being a really difficult challenge for me to overcome but I made the determination to become buffed this year. I have to eat crazy amounts of potatoes and read meat, besides dozens of protein scoops everyday. I haven't noticed any results yet but my trainer told me to trust the process. So here I am, working out my butt and trusting the process. The fundamental philosophy behind it is "Embrace the burn". Whenever I push weights I feel a very intense burn in my muscles. It hurts as hell and it's really discouraging but my trainer told me that's the only way to gain muscles. Every time we train he pumps me up with the following cry: "You gotta enjoy that burn, big dog!" I don't really enjoy this painful philosophy but I believe in my trainer so I'll keep embracing the burn!! I'll post the evolution of my body as it keep get bulked up with strong muscles so keep tuned!!


Lindselicious said…
Pop that bootay!!
tek! said…
i cant wait for some good gags on the visitors and life in a gym.
souvstudio said…
Keep burning!!! xD Courage and so nice illustration, make me smile! ;)
I`m currently doing STARTING STRENGTH
and I`m hoping to become a 6foot 9 behemoth with bazookas for arms as well.

And drawing those gym people is great, I had no idea people are wearing rash guards and v-neck shirts while working out.
Bruno Tedesco said…
Hehe, academia Leo, vai chegar aqui em Sampa bolado heim!!hehe... vem agora em março?? Muito bom o desenho, aliás, acompanho seu trabalho a distância constantemente, sabe que sou seu fã de carteirinha e tenho orgulho de ser seu amigo. Quando vier avise! O Well esta trabalhando com a gente, vamos reunir o pessoal! abção... parabéns pelo trabalho
Daniel Gonzales said…
ima call you Big Dog next time i see you leo. too funny! :)

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