What if Aquaman decided to imigrate to Land? He would have to wear a goldfish aquarium helmet since he wouldn't be able to inhale oxigen. He would have to find a job to buy his wife all the shiny things in the mall. His heroism would be corrupted by the filthy capitalism system.


DSM said…
And you know how a screaming person sounds in a tiled room: yikes!

I like his little fins by the ankles. I thought he might have a pool service; esp. in L.A.?
bernardo said…
muito bom matsuda!
teu trabalho é demais!

queria conversar depois contigo sobre como foi tua ida para os EUA, te mando email.

Xavier Yabut said…
This is funny! Great work!
Logan Pearsall said…

... but can you imagine if he had to sneeze?
Jesse Soto said…
Awesome idea! Although, it would suck if he got dehydrated from the summer heat.

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