On June 17th,  my friends Andres and Sun Ha will be holding an art auction to benefit the victims of human trafficking.

Sadly, human trafficking  still happens nowadays and it's actually even worse than it used to be. How heartbreaking it is to see human beings being treated in such a horrible way. How inhuman. I'm so happy my friends Andres and Sun Ha are organizing this event as a way of alerting society about this situation and also to support organizations that are dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. Thanks Andres and Sun Ha for fighting to make this world a better one and to let me contribute on this great cause.

Below are digital studies for the art piece I came up with:

At first, I thought in having two children holding hands representing "hope". This idea was inspired in one of the documentaries I watched related to human trafficking. There's a very touching moment when we see a picture of two children carrying huge rocks on their backs. They were holding hands.  That image really inspired me.

I also explored one other idea related to the horrible vision of children being used as slaves. It's a horrible and touching sight and I thought it would be an interesting point-of-view to bring up.

Exposing the cruelty that slaves go through in human trafficking was my main focus. At first I wanted to expose the cruelty that children go through in human trafficking. However, I ended up
choosing an adult in this painting since it would seem less specific and it could be a more universal way of conveying this issue.

                                                             Final Painting
                                                             title: Inhumanity
                                                             media: gouache  4 3/4 x 6 3/4" (12 x 17 cm)


Sooo beautiful! You did a really great job visually communicating the plight of human trafficking. I love your work Leo!
Leo Matsuda said…
Christian: I'm so glad you liked it!! I really can't wait to see your art piece for the show!! I really loved the illustrations you did for the book called Queer. Amazing job!!
BigS said…
you should see "Raju & I" a film on child labour by Animagic India.

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