This is a donation I made for the drawing dreams foundation, a non-profit organization that provides art supplies to children through children's hospitals. For more information on that visit the Drawing dreams foundation website. This piece was donated for an action that will happen in New York in the month of December. There will be some amazing artists contributing with pieces too.  I hope the auction is a major success!! Visit the website and check the gallery if you can.

                  Title: The Abominable Snowman
                  Media: Acrylics
                  size: 11 x 14

Digital pass



I love your humor, just crazy! :D
kathryn durst said…
Ahhhhahahahah!!! I absolutely love this!
froggie is... said…
awwwww...lookit all the little fishies AND THE ABDOMINAL SNOWMAN!
toHHHHtally silly. "-D

BRILLIANT, leo! "-)
Kendra Melton said…
hehehe, BOO! That's what i imagine going on.
Quentin Lebegue said…
The snowman is too awesome !
Marie-Helene said…
This is so nice. The children will really enjoy it! You are really generous!
Yeti said…
Where's the gnome?!!
Unknown said…
very funny! love how you handle the snowman!

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