A few months ago me and my friend Regis decided to go to Comic-Con for a day. I used to really enjoy this event but since it became extremely commercialized I lost my interest. It's such an exhausting experience to go even for one day. I wonder what it would be to go for all the four days or so. 

This year's comic-con wasn't any different for what I expected. To move to the other side of the street took us almost an hour. To make things worse it was insanely hot and the cluster of human bodies all together made the place suffocating. Even more when you have a sweaty Darth Vader dude not wearing deodorant.

As we finally approached the other side of the street we heard loud screaming from a man holding a crucifix.

The dude kept screaming out of his lungs that we were all sinners. He seemed really pissed at us for being at Comic-Con, which according to him was the Devil's playground.  He kept screaming that we were all gonna burn in Hell and he would laugh at us from Heaven.

Since we are all in America he was definitely in his right to express his feelings. However, his was definitely coming out as a jerk in the way he screamed at us. Also,  rudeness associated with the Heat plus the stinky Darth Vader's underarms smell made me feel really irritated and hopeless.

 Behind us, two girls started whispering to each other. The girl in the punk outfit said: Are you ready for this, my dear? The wonder-woman girl said: Yup, buttercup.

  In mean while, the punk girl kept putting lots of purple lipstick in her lips.

Holding hands, the two girls walked towards the crucifix. As they approached it, we could hear the disapproving sermon getting louder and louder. The two girls stopped in front of the dude and gave each other a horny look.

 Passionately, the punk girl grabbed wonder-woman girl and they started to make out in french kiss style.

                                  The kiss went on for almost 5 minutes.

 By the time the finished that intense act of love, both of their mouths were all covered in pink lipstick. A smile of justice came to there faces.

After witnessing this amazing performance, everyone started clapping and cheering-up.
The dude with the crucifix covered his eyes in terror.

 Even though I'm not into comic-con that scene made the trip definitely worth it.  I hope all the best to the punk /wonder-woman couple who showed with courage what it is to live in a free country. Make your choices. Be what you want to be. Be respectful towards each other,  Hooray to Fredoom!!


paac said…
hahaha awesome!
Elaine Chen said…
hahaha definitely worth it! what a story!
Avner Geller said…
Wonderful. and the drawings are hilarious!! yay freedom!
k.mediani said…
This is so awesome!!! and thank you for sharing this awesome story with wonderful illustration with all of us!!
YES. Great story!
Nikhita P. said…
Haha! great story!!
I saw a beautiful pictures of two girls making out in the backdrop of a protest against same-sex marriages. Epic stuff. :)
Erik D. Martin said…
hahah brilliant illustration and story!
pakoto said…
hahahaha you are a great storyteller!:)
Heidi Smith said…
This is soooo hilarious!!! I love those girls!!
Leo Matsuda said…
Thank you everyone for the kind comments!! Freedom!!

Heidi: I knew you would like these girls. :-) Congratulations for all your amazing working Paranorman.
Yon said…
haha! this is so entertaining!!!! Great boards too!!!
Yon said…
haha! this is so entertaining!!!! Great boards too!!!
kopi said…
WOW! I Love it...
and i thing thats good for you >>

เปิดวาร์ป! สาวสวย
Thank you!

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