So this is our halloween costume idea for this year. 
Because of her stature, Kate was designed to be the Frankeinstein and I the Mad Scientist. We had a blast working on these even though we were really frustrated with how awful the final result looked. For our surprise, the people loved the way we looked and we actually won the couple's costume contest. The prize was a bottle of Patron and a World War Z blue-ray. 

                                                                                             And here is the idea executed!
                                                                                 Frankenstein Kate at the beginning of the Party.

                                                                             Frankenstein Kate and me after a couple of Patron shots.

                                                                          Frankenstein ingratiating with his Bride after 10 shots of Patron.

                                                                                          Mad scientist after 20 shots of Patron.


hehe, very cool!

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