Kate loves Halloween so every year it is mandatory we do something spooky on Halloween night. We were tired of going to our regular Haunted Hayride, Horror nights, or the Knotts berry farm so this year we went for something a bit different: VR.

There's this place called VOID who has a variety of VR attractions such as Ghostbusters or StarWars That sounded like fun and not too scary since they don't have real ghosts but virtual ones. So on Halloween night, me, Kate and our friend Brett met up at the Glendale Galleria Mall at 10pm for some Halloween VR thrill.

As soon as we entered the store we could hear loud screams from people with VR googles going through card-box mazes. That sounded ridiculous. This is just a fucking video-game. There's no need to be over-dramatic.

As soon as they come out of the card-box maze, they look as if they had just being attacked by a Serial-Killer. I would think to myself: "Those people are pussies. There's NO way I will ever scream like that. VR is for kids.

The "victims" would leave the virtual horror attraction as if they had PTSD. Their hair all messed up and sweating like pigs. The VOID workers were always smiling but in a kind of creepy way. I am sure it is their job to keep an eerie atmosphere.

Our VR Experience was called "Nicodemus". In the summer of 1893 - the Chicago World's Fair - was held on the south side of Chicago. Three days before the fair closed, a tragic demonstration in the Electro-Spiritualism Exhibit brought something terrible into our world. Word spread that an unknown creature was luring guests down to an 'Evanishment Room'...from which they never returned. And while you explore the abandoned exhibits, you can be unfortunate enough to come across .... NICODEMUS!

To start with, we had to pick cards from a box and chose our Avatar .

We each chose the avatar most suitable to our personalities. For me, off course, my choice was the tough and strong dude called THE FIXER.

With a creepy kindness, the guide instructed us to wear very heavy protection vests. I felt as if I was going to a Space War. Even though this was just a stupid video-game for babies, I was starting to feel kind of scared.

Then, after we were all prepped up, the guide asked us: "Who is the bravest of the group?"

Without any hesitation, Brett came forward.

The creepy door started opening... Smoke came out of it.

Me to myself: "C'mon, Leo. How bad this can be? It is just a silly video-game for kids".

So my choice was made. I dove in and put on the VR googles. The adventure begun!

Welcome to the VR world. In our respective avatars we started to move forward into this unknown universe.

As we approached one of the rooms, we could see this freakish victorian exhibit full of pipes.

All of sudden, the Magician (Brett) walked away from, disappearing into the smokes.

Me and Kate called out for Brett but no reply.  We we all alone amidst rusty pipes and victorian shit surrounding us.

The ceiling and pillars started collapsing. If felt so real. The sound and visual effects were impressive. Me to myself: “These kids attractions are kind of scary”.We were paralized and could not move forward. A voice came in the headset speakers warning us to continue walking. 

However, We were shell-shocked and lost in the victorian maze. We kept trying to hold on to each other but our avatars could not quite touch. The technology on this is still behind on the hugging part.

Our avatar stretched their arms and tried to hold hands as far as they could.

Together we crossed a giant pit walking over a large piece of fallen wood.

Crossing the bridge was scary and took a lot of coordination but the worse was yet to come...

...a dead body hanging in the middle of a railroad track.

I felt as if it was just a dead body...

...but it was not. It came to life as a freaking demon! Meet Nicodemus.

At that point, I just wanted to go home. It would be too embarrassing for a grown man like me to leave a kids attraction so i tried enduring the ordeal like a real man. 

However, it was too much for a pussy like me. I decided I would just close my eyes throughout the entire ride. After all, no one would even notice I was cheating with those VR headsets. Kate was a bit more desperate and completely lifted her headset. Then she got a warning “wear the headsets throughout the entire ride”. She had no choice but to shut her eyes also.

So with closed eyes we both continued the VR ride.

After bumping a couple of times against the walls we came across what it seemed to be a victorian iron cage. Those you see in Victorian Yards. Except everything looks destroyed and rusty.

I was ready to shut my eyes at anytime by things seemed silent and not too scary so i opened them for a bit.

The cage started floating in this weird and stinky lake. I was relieved though. It felt as if we are coming to the end of the VR ride.

I told Kate we were safe and she could safely open her eyes.

I was completely wrong though. The Iron Cage took us to some kind of Victorian Asylum.

We were in a room with weird ghosts and a Toy monkey in a glass.

The monkey was still but I knew the little creeper was going to move.

The headset instructed us to touch the block in front of us so we could find the next clue to exit the room.

But as I predicted, the toy monkey start going nuts. 

It broke the glass and started chasing us. 

Again, we shut our eyes and start running all over.

I had no idea where the hell we were going but I could feel the ghosts were chasing us.

Then we got inside a Victorian Elevator. 

...but it started to jolt...

Then it started feee-falling!

....for a long time....

While me and Kate screamed for dear life we heard a laghter.

It was our friend Brett. He was laughing of how pathetic we looked.

We Asked Brett why the hell he did not waited for us. He said We were too slow...an a bit of pussies.

Me and Kate were so mad and embarrassed. We really acted like two pussies. Brett was so heroic and strong.

While driving home, we were both recovering from the intense VR ride and still upset for not being strong like Brett. 

But then, Kate got an email from the VOID Ride. It showed us videos of us while we were in the ride.

And then we were pleasantly surprised when we saw....

....Brett completely freaked out!

...We are not the only pussies in town.


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