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It's been exacly 5 years since the short Inner Workings Premiere at Annecy. I drew these a while back but never had a chance to post it. enjoy! Fancy dinner at the airplane. Fancy lady seating next to me. Her only problem is not knowing how to operate the recliner chair. She tries adjusting her seat and ends up causing a terrible mess. I kindly offer my help. Not knowing what button to press, I choose the blue one. The lady immediately folds like an accordion whe cursong me in French. I pretend I am sleeping.  We finally arrive in France. It is my first time in Annecy. What a lovely little town!  Many tourists from all over the world mingling and drinking wine at Annecy's lovely restaurants surrounded by the most adorable lakes. From the shape of my nose, one can tell I am not genetically advantaged for the craft of wine-tasting. So i stuck with the Raclette, which are these delicious melted cheese. At another restaurant

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