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Finally I'm back!

I haven't had time to post anything recently. Besides, I haven't been drawing too much at home since is too hot in here. Man, It seems a sauna here. However, I always have some time to sketch during my lunch time in Glendale. Here I am posting some drawings from my sketchbook that I did in the past 30 days.

This was at starbucks also. I haven't been going to visit lots of places recently. It is being pretty hot and i don't have a car.The only place that I go is the Starbucks close by my apartment. Overthere I see lots of funny people. I loved the expression of this father teaching his son how to play cheez . It is not easy to have the pacience. Even for a father!

This was interesting. A really short and confident guy was hanging out with this big and intimidating fellow at lunch time in Glendale. They were living the bank. The short guy will probably be a better business man.

Here is a funny scene I saw! . The girl seemed to be really active and happy although she didn't feel like eating french fries.
The mother of course was a litlle bit tired.

This is a really shubby lady that I met in a friend's house party. She was really alone and waiting for company. She was looking all the time to one of my friends. For her expression I could tell that she seriousy needed a partner.

This little asian kid was crying as hell because he dropped all his fries in the ground. The mother was consoling him but I don't think it was a good attempt.

The blond ladie had a pretty big nose. She seemed to be a little bit jealous about the cute nose that her boyfriend had. She seemed to be really passionated by her beloved boyfriend. Nevertheless, One could tell that she was slightly envious. The boyfriend was enjoying the girlfriend's petting.


Wow Leo, theres lots of shiny new stuff here, and all of its pure gold man. Great to see you posting again!
Leo Matsuda said…
Justin: Thanks a lot! I really respect your work a lot and your kind words means a lot to me!!!
Moro Rogers said…
Awesome, all of it.^^
Josh Parpan said…
I love the expression on the french fry girls face! Great stuff all around!
Edward Juan said…
HAHAHH! Leo, your drawings make me laugh... hheehehehe... how's rough draft treating you? I hope you don't go get wasted at that brazilian resturant.
Leo Matsuda said…
Hey Edd!!! Great to see you around! Everything is going well at Simpsons. I've been learning some stuf that I would never imagine before.....I am sure that you guys have been learning a lot also.....Tell me some new aproachas and techniques when you come back to CalArts, ok?.....Good to see you!
Scarab’ee said…
very great sketch book...
Just discovered your Blog. Great design and great sketches!
Keep up the good work.
Leo Matsuda said…
Thanks a lot all, guys!!!

Josh - How are you?....Excited for one more year at CalArts?.....This year will rock!

Opi - Thanks a lt for the kind words....You have a lot o great stuff in your blog...I loved the Links that you have too.

Gabrielle - Thanks a lot ! Your work is great. Really inspiring.
me encantan tus dibujos, sobre todo los animales. un abrazo.
fantastic world!!
Ryan Bullard said…
These are some seriously awesome sketches!
Anonymous said…
hey Leo. everytime i see that big guy in the red shirt, it becomes a whole new kind of awesome! nice stuff.
Adrian Molina said…
Leo, your observations are priceless. Especially stuff like "She Likes My Nose (at in-n-out)". Keep it up man, you are awesome!
Anonymous said…
Leo man I really like our stuff so much. I always know I'll get inspired if I look at your blog. Love the chess drawing!
samacleod said…
Yeah man, keep up the posts for us
chris chua said…
jeez..awesome sketches man...I love the story of the kid dropping his fries. I hate when that happens!
pandoracomplexa said…
Hello Leo, i think we love the same sketchbook, your work is very good, you a have humor.............:-)
pandoracomplexa said…
olá Leo,
somos portugueses, bom trabalho
mylydy said…
really expressive drawing, awesome!
Manu said…
Hi,,,,, your blogspot is really interesting.
Your brush is beautiful and my english is very poor.

Hi LEO, great sketchbook!
I love sketchbooks, and yours is awesome.

from Argentina

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