Mini Cowboy


Unknown said…
Hey man comment ca va ?
very nice style you're developing !

Leo Matsuda said…
Bertrand?....from Gobelins?....
Good to hear from you, man! I was talking about you with Levi and Simmon!!! We miss you dude!
Adrian Molina said…
Leo, I love the last few designs you've been posting. I think the pirahna and the mean redish hair boy are my favorites. You really blow me away with your design and animation, keep it up dude.

Good seeing you last weekend, hope the end of the school year is treating you well!
Heidi Smith said…
Oh Leonardo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome work as always Leo. I finally saw your vampire film the other week at the Producers Show. It was amazing, and a real riot! Congrats!
Leo Matsuda said…
Justin: Thanks a lot, man! Comming from you it means a lot to me.
great design!


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