lorelay bove said…
I love the green colors and the crocodiles are great!
Leo Matsuda said…
I'm glad you liked Lorelay! Good luck at Disney! I'm sure you'll do some amazing work there!!!

love the style and the shapes!
Oh HELL yeah! God I miss playing that game. That is an awsome piece!
Mad Max Winston said…
Pitfall! Definitely one of my favorite games. I didn't know you like it. I'll be seeing you soon, Leo!
Leo Matsuda said…
sorrentino: thanks for the kind words! really great work in your blog!

shanne prigmore: thanks for visiting my blog, shanne! your work is trully inspiring!!!

max:I miss playing this game too, Max! Can't wait to see what you will be working on this year!see you soon!
pbcbstudios said…
great stuff!
Edward Juan said…
I sucked at that game. I like the pose on the guy! hahaha, reminds me of Lupin.
Nate said…
Great work leo, good luck at cal arts next year.

g said…
nice mood !
i like the colors :D
nice one
Leo Matsuda said…
Paul Briggs: Thanks a lot for the kind words, Paul!

Edd: good to hear from you!!! How's everything at Laika?....We miss all you guys here at CalArts!

Nate: Thanks for visiting my blog, man!Your work is really inspiring!

Gabriele; Thank you so much, man!
samacleod said…
This drawing is wonderful! So many memories!

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