Unknown said…
Awesome gods, Leo! You really embrace the hairiness. The lightning in the god's hair is hilarious.
Also (once again) swwweet film, man. Of course, I'm partial to dinosaurs, but that was a particularly well done dino film!
Leo Matsuda said…
Hey Autin,

Thanks for the kind words, man! You are always inspiring me and lots of students here at CalArts. Thanks for the Chades Challenge too! It helped me to keep passionate and never forget how we love animation. I hope my film reached your high standards in the paleonthology field. I wish I had more time to research in T-Rexes, man . I guess its a mix of T-Rex and Velociraptor. I hope people can at least buy it.
flaviano said…
really funny and smart sketches! love the nervous lines, seems carved in the wood!
pbcbstudios said…
Hey Leo,

Saw your film the other day - Great stuff. Animation and story were really well done.

Great drawings on your blog too.

Leo Matsuda said…
flaviano: thanks man! I hope I can visit italy someday. Such a beautiful place!

pbcbstudios: Thanks a lot Paul!
It means a lot coming from you. I really love all the artwork in your blog. Your gesture drawings are amazing!
Bacana os cartoons Léo.Gostei muito das idéias e do logo novo.
Tudo de bom pra você por aí.
Welly said…
Fàla Lèo,
Parabèns pelo trabalho, como disse o Alex o logo ficou demais, tudo de bom para vc. brò :-)
Leo Matsuda said…
Alex: Faaaaala Alex!!! Obrigado pelos elogios, bro! Espero que tudo esteja bem por ai. Os desenhos no seu blog estao muito bons. Continue detonando!

Well: Faaaaala Well!!! E ai bro? como vai ai na italia? morro de vontade de visitar a italia. Um dia eu passo ai pra te ver. Otimos desenhos no seu blog! A girafa esta demais!

lorelay bove said…
Hey Leo!
I love the painting you got on top of your page!
is really amazing I love it!

See you at graduation!
Vi said…
Nice take, Leo!
Leo Matsuda said…
Vi: Thanks, man! Your Neptune in his Shark is really awesome!

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