The day my bike was broken


I ride my bike to work everyday. Couple of days ago when I was about to leave to work I realized my bicycle chain was all messed up. My bike needed a tune up.

I had no choice but to walk to work. It would take me around 30 min to get there but hey, whatta hell...walking is good for the health and besides It was a beautiful day outside.

I took the scenic view to make my walk a pleasant one. How wonderful is to appreciate nature and all those pretty squirrels surrounding me. How wonderful it is to inhale the fresh air of  nature. How wonderful is to feel that gentle breeze around you.

Birds were singing along and feeding their adorable pack of little ones. How wonderful!!!

Everything was going super...

...until I started feeling a massive stomachache!!

All those wonderful feelings were instantly gone. That beautiful scenic view was transformed into a scenery of panic. I felt like the dude from Edvard Munch's painting.

I still had 20 min to go until I reached work. A man in the desert would give anything for a glass of water, I would give anything for a good toilet. I knew I could make it. I had to make it otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. I started having all this crazy thoughts: " What if I do that in my pants? People will think I'm a weirdo and a freak. I would be cursed for the rest of my life. Afterall, I'm not a baby anymore and adults never do these things. I HAD to be strong!!!
I was feeling nauseous and weak so i started to lean my body against a residence's fence.

To make my situation even worse a huge and vicious dog jumped towards the fence and barked right into my face.

I wanted to scream. That freaked me out really hard but I had to hold my feelings otherwise it would be a disaster. I still had 5 min to go.

Despite of my poor condition I managed to get to the studio somehow. I pretended everything was fine with me so people wouldn't notice I was actually having a massive stomachache. The security guard asked for my card. I showed him and attempted a smile. He skeptically smiled back and let me go ahead.

2 min to my destination....

...When a guy from the Union started approaching me.

He stopped me and started explaining me all the advantages  you get once you are part of the Union. I didn't want to loose my integrity so I hold it tight pretending everything was okay.

Those were probably the worst 10 minutes of my life. After giving me a hole insight in the wonderful benefits I could get after joining the Union he finally let me go. I kept my posture until the end and I  felt proud of myself. That was the end of my journey towards the toilet. Most of you guys are probably thinking, what a disgusting story. However, I'm sure everyone will at some point face times like that. When that time comes you will praise the Toilet just like I did.


tek! said…
hahaha i lost it at the union guy.
very funny with lovely poses once again!
Laughed out loud! I have never experienced this but I have indeed heard stories like this one. Great job!
Hahah! Your drawings are the facial expressions and poses. And I'm glad you made it to the bathroom. When I saw the old dude from the union I started to get worried.
Anonymous said…
Hey, Leo. Benett here. I had a lot of these experience in my past, and I totally agree with every description! The Union guy... oh man... that is the worst 10 minutes of your life, indeed!
Régis said…
Panel 5 is one of the best "Leo Self Portraits" I've seen so far! And yeah, I hope you made it in time - I love the story! Though, at the end, I was almost expecting a cliffhanger ending in which you enter the bathroom, and we hear a sigh of relief, followed by a scream of terror: "What?!? No toilet paper?" that sequel would be called "Leo's Stomachache 2: Roll Call" ;)
Aurore Damant said…
What a lovely blog! I really enjoy your short stories.
Anonymous said…
Very funny! I love your expressions and poses. And...yeah, I've kind of had an experience like this once or twice. Wasn't this funny, though.
stephen said…
lovely, leo. truth is beauty!
Bianca Beneduci said…
hahahahah MUITOOOOO bom!
Xavier Yabut said…
I really like your drawings and they style! Like the story too!
Louise Smythe said…

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