Monkey Assassin

Storyboard sequence done for Redson's story class


Anonymous said…
This is so cool Leo, I would love to hear you pitch this sometime to get a feeling for the timing of it, but really awesome. Keep it up!
Wow man, these are so cool. I really admire your style. I was in Maki's character desighn class with you I think, so Ive seen quite a bit of your character work. Its really awesome to see you have a blog. Cant wait to see what you post next! Do you mind if I put you on my links?
Leo Matsuda said…
Nick: Thanks man! Now we can have some fun also in our blogs. I have to visit yours too. I can't wait to see your comments and drawings tha you've put in your blog!

justinpatrickparpan: Thanks justin. I really like you art too. Is really awesome! It is funny because you and your brother are great artists with such a different style. That is pretty amazing. Of course you can link me in your list. I will put your name in mine also!
samacleod said…
Adrian Molina said…
Leo, your expressions and proportions absolutley kill me, these are fantastic. I remember admiring them in class.
Josh Parpan said…
This is great! That E.T. looking guy is fantastic!
ahhh that's funny. great drawings Leo. Glad to see your stuff online. Your films kick ass!

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