More sketches

I love the Joker. I was wondering how he would look if he was more cartoony. I think he could be really funny and also scary.


David Au said…
SOOOOOOOOO tight. I love that JOKER.
hhahah...Love it! keep up the great work Leo!
Leo Matsuda said…
dave: I'm glad you like the Joker, Dave! Congrats on the Simpsons movie, man! Your scenes were looking great on the big screen!

jeremy: Thanks a lot for the kind words! Congrats on the artwork at Comic Con! Everything was looking amazing!!!
Unknown said…
Your Joker rocks, man! Have you seen the way they're handling the Joker for the new movie? Laaaame. It's too superficially creepy. To me, the more refined and jovial he is, the creepier his underlying psychosis is. Also, great Robin, he looks truly expendable!
Leo Matsuda said…
Austin:Thanks for the kind words, man! I agree with you with the joker appearance. He definitely has something jovial in him that they didn't capture in this new version. How about the chades challenge, Austin?...can't wait for the next one!

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