2008 first sketches!

Happy new year's everyone! I wish the best in 2008!

Small cowboys, Big cowboys!

The man who had a jumping tie.

The rebel, the weirdo, and the madam

The suntan


Unknown said…
These are fantastic!
magnus said…
Nice stuff Leo, and thanks for the new years drawings. Those were perfect. ha ha
Josh Dotson said…
Matsuda these are quite entertaining!
lorelay bove said…
Really fun!
They remind me of Ronald Searle, they are really expressive, nice stuff!
Unknown said…
These are really fun! Awesome as usual. Lorelay is right they do remind me of Ronald Searle's loose and expressive line. These are awesome.
Zar Galstyan said…
Wow Leo, these are quite the entertaining story sketches, awesome!
I love the horse illustrations as well! CHEERS!
louis THOMAS said…
you have got a really great work, i heard about you by mael...your illustrations are really nice!

i love the man and woman at the beach
Moro Rogers said…
These are funny as hell.^_^ That fish in the last drawing is especially great.
Rosie said…
Hey Leo!

It was really cool meeting you at the NY Eve party too! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Your designs are so good! I love the textures in the painted ones, and the style & humor in the line drawings. I'm gonna check your blog a lot more often for inspiration.
Edward Juan said…
LEO! Wassup with the horny drawings?! hahahaha! I love the boobie drawings so much that I printed it out and its pined on my wall at work. You are gonna be famous for boobies now.
Leo Matsuda said…
cooked art: thanks for the kind words!

magnus: I'm glad you like the NYE drawings.

josh: Thanks man!!!

lorelay:Thanks for the kind words. I love Ronald Searle.

Saul: Thanks for your comment man!!!

sar: I'm glad you liked Zar! Can't wait to see your film!

sorrentino:I'm glad you had fun, man!!! Thanks for visiting.

louis: Mael is really amazing. say hello to him for me. Thnks for the kind words!

lindsay: haha! that one was based in something real actually.

Moro: I'm glad the fish was notice! Thanks moro!

rosie: It was really awesome seing you that day too. Great work in your blog! Say hello to brett for me, ok? I hope I see you next time!

Edd: haha! It's just a silly drawing. But, hey! I like the boobs!
Anonymous said…
Good stuff leo, your pretty good at drawing and soccer.
Melvina said…
hey Leo, Happy New Year! yay u updated. I like the people in the bus alot!
caramba! quanta coisa legal! vou ficar um tempĆ£o aqui vendos seus desenhos! hahaha ;D

feliz ano novo! ;)
Jazzy said…
ha ha!
What a funny drawing style!!!
Love your drawings man! Heard you spent new years at my house in SF...too bad I wasn't there! Maybe next time
great blog, i like your drawings
Unknown said…
Hey Leo, rgus stuff is awesome. you draw the best knees. Also, it's great that you always have a story to your sketches. Top notch! I'll do a Chades Challenge with you. Go ahead and choose a noun, and I'll choose an adjective. Post it on my blog, so I know when to start. Draw on, brother!
Unknown said…
ARMORED giraffes it is then. Post on friday!
Anonymous said…
HAHA! These are so RAD!
You have such an awesomely distinct style too.
Unknown said…
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