Seven year itch

So I was whatching Seven Year Itch the other day. Looking some reference for my film. Tom Ewell's acting is so great! He is really funny and I really relate to him since he is an ordinary man, like I am. ! it's crazy how controversial the film was the time it was being made because of the content. However, in Billy Wilder hands the film became one more classic! Boy! wish I had a neighbor like Marilyn Monroe! Maybe one day..... in my imagination....

manhattan indians.

Girl upstairs and Mr Shermman having a little wine.

Mr. Brady shaving.


Erik Benson said…
Oh man! I saw this film for the first time 2 weeks ago. It was hilarious! The scenes with Tom and Marilyn are so darn good.
Kristian said…
these are great sketches. they add a little mor to an already great film.
good show! always enjoy swiniging by your blog
lorelay bove said…
wow these are awesome!
you really capture the essence of that movie, is great!
perfect inspiration for your film!
Unknown said…
Quite sadly, I haven't seen that film, though I've seen Eric Favela's 'Two Minute Itch' which is amazing. The indian sketch is awesome. I always had a crush on Tiger Lilly as a kid. Speaking of which, the new chades challenge is 'unhappy totem'. Enjoy!
Edward Juan said…
Hey leo, i love the expressions on the natives. You should enlarge her boobs. Make them huge!

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