That's an amazing character. I love how Badass he is with SHARKS. It's sad he ends up loosing his final battle. I wish I could animate a character like Mr.Quint.


Matt said…
On Point!!! It's true Quint is a personification of all that is man!

I can totally picture him admonishing me right now:

"Typin' away with your city hands, Mr. Tate. You been countin' money all your life."

Leo Matsuda said…
matt: haha! I can totally picture Mr. Quint saying that too! thanks for stopping by, matt!
Mad Max Winston said…
Mr. Leo, I love this character, too. He has such a glorious death as well. I love the first scene with this guy.
Matt Williames said…
one of my most FAVORITE characters in Cinema of all time!
Unknown said…
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