Charlie Nolton

Charlie Nolton is the newest police officer in NYC. He is really dedicated but rather clumsy. He ends up causing major problems for the Sheriff of the city, Mr. Clark Donovan, who now utterly hates Charlie. Either Charlie saves the day in NY or he will be fired.


Matt said…
Awesome. "You tell me, Chief. You have a pretty good view from behind your desk!!!"
Zar Galstyan said…
Leo this is so great!!
Leo Matsuda said…

We could summon that up with something Big Lebowsky-ish.

Chief: "Stay out of NY, Nolton! Keep your ugly goldbricking ass out of my Manhattan community!"

haha!!! thanks for stopping by man!


Thanks Zar and congrats for the internship!
Heidi Smith said…
That little old dude is awesome!!
Unknown said…
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