The terrible redish haired Boy

This is Pablo. A 6 year-old boy who is notorious for his terrible behavior in school. He loves to put big frogs on the top of cute little girls head. No one really knows why he does that. This probably happens because he enjoy whatching the funny expression that those girls make when they are crying.


lorelay bove said…
awesome kid and the frog is great!!!
I like the warm colors too!
Heidi Smith said…
That little girl kind of reminds me of Britney Spears ha ha ha ha!!!!!
jajajajjaa fantastic!!!
chris chua said…
Great stuff Leo! Just curious, do you use a wacom tablet?
Leo Matsuda said…
thanks all you guys for the kind words!

chris chua: thanks for the kind words, Chris! Yes I used a wacom tablet for this illustration.

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