Will Kim said…
hey leo
awesome designs~
samacleod said…
Wow, these are amazing Leo.
Vi said…
Sexy. Great energy!
Adrian Molina said…
What the fuck Leo, these are gorgeous!
Eliza Frye said…
Hey Leo I just found your blog! That savage girl rocks my world... :D
Paul Abadilla said…
you talented son-of-a... great designs, bro! i'm loving that savage girl and that horse.
Arica Tuesday said…
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Arica Tuesday said…
Holy crap, Leo, you just get better and better and you DON'T STOP YOU BASTARD!

Oh man. :)

And hey, it was great seeing you at the wedding! Thanks for dancing with me.
Heidi Smith said…
More like a "HOT" girl!!!
olgastern said…
I love your illustrations. They are very inventive and the colours and linework is vibrant.
Leo Matsuda said…
will: thanks a lot, man! I really miss seeing your watercolors around here!

steve:thanks for the kind words! You always inspire me Steve!

vi: haha! thats a pretty fun comment. I really loved your batman with Austin riding in his cape! so awesome!

adrian: thanks a lot Adrian! It means a lot coming from you.

eliza:Thank you so much Eliza! We miss you here at Calarts. Great work in your blog!!!

paul: Im glad you liked these new ones. I really loved your tree house painting! you kick ass man!

arica: It was great seeing you at the wedding too. I really love the artwork in your blog! Amazing work arica!!!

heidi: haha! thanks for digging the illustration.

olgastern: thanks for the kind words!You have really inspiring work throughout your blog. so much great shapes and personality in your characters!
Kristian said…
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Maël Gourmelen said…
Outch Leo !
Great pictures, I love these horses.
how is it going man ?
I may be back in California next summer, but nothing is done...

Your roommate.
Dougmian said…
O cavalo cabeludo lembra o Alex, mas não conta pra ele! HEHEHEHEHE!
Seus desenhos são muito bons!
Gosto desse estilo de pintura imitando desenhos antigos, com bastante textura!
lorelay bove said…
and the savage girl with her horse is great!
Meg Shaw said…
Hi Leo,
You've got an amazing blog! I'm putting up a link on mine...hope it's okay.
Joe Karg said…
These are really great. The Glen Gary piece at the bottom is a personal fave of mine as well.

Melvina said…
Hey Leo! You are very famous here at Gobelins! Lots of people speak about u and ask me questions about you!
I had the chance to speak with Mailys, he is a very nice and talented guy. He was telling me stories of u and Mario, seems like he misses you guys.

Tell me how calarts is!:D
I love your work Leo, The girl and horse in this illustration have so much character.
I think its also very special how you take the time to show people that you appreciate their comments.
you are amazingly talented, and a even better a great person.

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