I felt a bit embarassed so I decided to do two more giraffes. Why I felt embarassed??? I talked to my buddy Mike Anderson yesterday about the new topic of the CHADES challenge (ARMORED GIRAFFES) and he told me that ARMORED is actually related to ARMOR. Something that would protect and cover the body. Off course! dumb I am! For some reason I thought it was related to weapons. For instance, armed. Something like that. Sorry people...I'm still trying to learn english. I hope one day to be able to write screenplays without grammar errors ... haha...It probably would take my entire life. HELP ME! ME NEED AMERICAN TEACHER!




Amazing drawings Leo!!Very nice design.I like the Samurai,so funny.
Thanks for the comments in my blog.
Good luck my old friend.
hi leo,
your imagination is immensurable...
great works!!ROCK ON!!!!
a said…
I never thought I would see the day when a giraffe would scare me so bad! way funny!
G.Encinas said…
Awesome designs!!
just added you to my favorites!
samacleod said…
Haha! these are awesome, Leo. It's funny, when you drew the tank and everything, i thought you were very creative in thinking of the topic in a different way. These are great too.
Love the concept and the line work!
lorelay bove said…
nice Leo! so much attitude!!!
ZoĆ« Moss said…
I say embrace mistakes! They lead to the best of things as is evidence with the previous post.

Good job, all around.
andre medina said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
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