hanging out in NYC

I just got back from New York. I went there for an interview but I wasn't going to have enough time to visit NY. As a consequence, I decided to delay my flight and stay for a little longer since I always wanted to hang out in NYC. It was an amazing adventure!!! I got kind of lost there in the subway but I experienced so many things and I met so many different people that I'll never forget. Here are a few of the people I saw.

8:00 am.

This girl was sitting on the floor. Either she was hang over or really upset. I guess she was waiting someone to pick her up. It seemed she just had a fight with her boyfriend. She was looking really upset. Ow, the poor girl.


This asian dude was sooo cool! He was dancing like crazy impressing all the girls in the bar. I wish I could dance like him.

Some people I saw in the AirPort on my way back to LA.


Welly said…
Truly Excellent!!!
Leo Matsuda said…
Welly: Fico feliz que tenha gostado .Continue detonando, Well!
Bacana Léo!Estou sempre acompanhando.
Sucesso meu amigo.
brigette b said…
Wow, I'm impressed by that dancing asian guy too, and he's just a drawing. It's either him or you that's awesome...most likely a combination of both.
Anonymous said…
awesome stuff leo, glad to hear you had a great time,post some more when you can.
Edward Juan said…
You dance better than that guy for sure. and how long did you stay there? Where did you go? That city is awesome. I'm going there for a week in september to visit friends.
Leo Matsuda said…
alex: obrigado pela visita, meu amigo. adorei seus desenhos no teu blog tbm. continue detonando!!!

brigette:thanks for stopping by! I really liked your new design in your blog. Its really brigetteish. Really charming! Have fun in Austria!!!

ethan: Thanks a lot man! keep rockin'!

edd: hey ed!!! good to hear from you! I stayed there for a couple of days. It went for an interview with BlueSky studios. Really nice and talented people there. I wish I stayed a little longer. Have lots of fun there, Ed!
lorelay bove said…
nice observation drawings, Wow! you had a blast!
leo in the city,
sounds like fun.

i looooove this post
Paul Abadilla said…
hey leo! wow, nyc huh? i miss that place - hope you had a blast while you were up there. and is it true....are we roommates again this summer?
Audrey said…
These are beautiful! I love it!

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