CHADES: Nightmarish Construction Workers II


Chuky the talking doll (Child's Play)

When I was a child this doll really freaked the hell out of me.


flaviano said…
always a lot of class and fun in your drawings!!
rthompson said…
Awesome stuff man! I especially love the Skeleton and UFO piece! Nice take on the challenge. Thanks for the comment by the way!
samacleod said…
Wow, great ideas, great execution!
Zar Galstyan said…
Chucky...I used to cry every time I would see Chucky as a little girl, awesome sketches Leo, as always!
Amazing inspiring work!
Please keep posting.
Leo Matsuda said…
flaviano: Thanks for the kind words, man!

rthompson: Thanks fro the compliments! I really loved your assignment too. Your pygmies are awesome.

samacleod: Thanks Steve! I hope to see you soon, my friend!

zar: haha! I'm glad you remember Chucky. Thanks for stopping by!

Blammo: Thanks so much for the compliments! Great and expressive work in you blog too! Thanks for stopping by.
Josh (musarter) said…
Nice work. The first two entries, the first post, have great color and composition. I really like the expressiveness on the second entries; I think the worker with Chucky has a really awesome expression.

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