CHADES: Nightmarish Construction Workers

Skeleton Worker



Welly said…
Fàààllllaaaa Lèèèèèèooooo,
Um dia tem que me ensinar como faz essas testuras Ok?, belo desenho e cores, abraçao Brò!!!
Unknown said…
Sweet, man! I love the guy with the drill, and your colors are very fun and whimsical. Always nice to have positive elements with such a macabre subject.

I used to hate Chucky as a kid, too. I remember one time my big brother was baby-sitting me, and he insisted on watching it as a way to make me leave him alone.
Numair said…
haaa these are all so awesome! was this a college assignment, Leo? 'show the worst nightmare of a poor construction worker'...?!! I sympathize with every one!! hahah

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