Your friend the Lumpia

My girlfriend asked me to do this piece for a friend of hers. It's for her friend's little baby. I hope she likes it. :)


tek! said…
awww that is too cute.
i could never eat one with a face like that!
Adya said…
lol! lumpia! lumpia is food from Indonesia. Your girfiend's friend is indonesian huh?
Junko Miyakoshi said…
It's so adorable!
..and looks yummy :9

mylydy said…
I really really love your crazy blog, thanks for posting :)
AH! This is awesome! I'm FIlipino so this have great significance for me. Hah hah!
hahaha yes ! lumpia , thats awesome man is your girlfriends friend filipino ? hope things are well with you :)

Unknown said…
Hi Leo, this is Zelda. I LOVED the Lumpia onesie Linds sent. It was the very first one I opened and I immediately knew who it was from, but I didn't know you had created it. It's so kawaiiii! All my friends were jealous :) Thanks for putting it together. We might have to use it for our thank you cards or birth announcements or something because just letting her wear it once in a while is not enough. Hope to meet you soon :D
Leo Matsuda said…
tek! : I'm so glad you think it's cute. she says thank you!

Adya: I love Lumpias!! My girlfriend is actually Hawaiian. :)

Junko: I'm glad you think it's yummy and adorable. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Melody: Crazy thanks for you!!! :)

Markanthonycruz: great! I'm glad this painting means something to you. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Ian: Hey man, Thanks for your kind words. keep up with the great work!!

Zelda: Aww!! I'm so happy you liked the painting. I hope your baby loves it too!! I'm looking forward to meet you!!! :)
Unknown said…
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