Evil creatures

Below are two comissions I made recently. The theme chosen was Evil creatures. I love drawing monsters and I had a blast coming up with them.

This piece was based on Werner Herzog's "Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht". Nosferatu is a very interesting creature since he can love and desire something but they never die. They become old and decrepit but they live for eternity. In a way that is a terrible way to leave and even though Nosferatu is an evil creature you can actually feel for him. The painting below is based on the moment when Nosferatu attacked Johnatan Harker.

title: "I want your neck, Harker".

5'1/2 x 5' 1/2 Gouache

I love witches too and for some reason it's always fun to draw witches that are hungry for little children. There's something very whimsical and charming about old lady witches and you can't help it but root for their success in their recipes.

title: "Fishing children"

8 x 5' Watercolor and Ink


Miss-Manitas said…
Cool! I think Nosferatu is the most terrifying character with his long hands and hears... even his two funny teeth are scary. I love the colors!
Nate Villanueva said…
that witch is awesome!
Daniel Gonzales said…
LEO! I always dig the visual story telling in your drawings. always.
Leo Matsuda said…
Miss-Manitas: I agree with you!! Nosferatu is one of the most scariest monsters. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Nate V: Thank you so much for the kind words!!

Daniel Gonzales: I'm so glad to hear that from you, Daniel!! It was great seeing you the other day at CTN. I hope you are kicking asses at Pixar!! :)
Unknown said…
great illustrations! They look like they are from a kids book that i want to read!!
bernardo said…
Hey there leo.
I come often here on your blog.
Like my friend said. We all love the storytelling! Aaaaand the illustrations.
Somehow you apply something to your drawings that give that leo matsuda look!
Congrats buddy!
From fellow illustrator

Ps. I always dig the contributions for illustribute.

Jesse Soto said…
I love the dark, grimy texture you have for the evil characters in both pieces, it makes them feel more scary-like.

It's skin-crawlingly frightening to have a witch attempt to fish me from my living room in the midst of video gaming. But I would root for her because those children will have to be clever to escape and would be the challange of their lives. Good stuff!
Marcos Cohen said…
Great paintings!
pakoto said…
hahaha terrific Nosferatu! great pieces:)
Nima said…
Very cool!!! love the texture.Bravo!

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