I usually have very busy and stressful weeks and when weekends arrive the only thing I want is to sleep in until noon. However, because of my new healthy routine I have to wake up every Saturday morning at 7 am. That's a nightmare since I always feel so exhausted and burned out from my lack of sleeps. This Saturday morning wasn't any different from all the previous one. I was feeling so weak and not wanting to push weights. Common!! Normal people usually sleep in on Saturday mornings!!

I was struggling so much and almost giving up but my roomate/trainer is always monitoring me and he noticed how weary I looked. He promptly offered me one of his favorite enhancers: THE TESTOSTERONE IGNITER!! He told me to pop one of those in and I would be ready to go.

Below is a picture of the friendly package.

I had no choice but to accept it since he was so enthusiastic about it. I mixed the strange blue powder with water. As soon as the powder touch the water on the glass,  effervescent bubbles emerged from the chemical reaction. A loud and ominous sound hissed from the cup. I have to confess I was a little hesitant to drink it.

I thought to my self. " Come on. I should trust my trainer!! He knows what he's talking about and all he is doing is helping me to embrace the burn." I went ahead and confidently drunk the hole cup in just one shot!

A strange, powerful but ticklish sensation took control of my hole body. It was as if I was going through a metamorphosis.

And then BOOM!!  Just like the disgusting caterpillars beautifully turn into  butterflies  I myself had being fully transformed into a bull. I felt the bull power inside of me!!

I'm so glad I confidently trusted my trainer. Once again I was able to embrace the burn with no doubt. He really knows what he's talking about and the Testosterone Enhancer really made my morning a very productive one. Many thanks to my wise trainer. He is making me into a real "big dog". :)


Gabby Zapata said…
Hahahah that gave me a good laugh. This is brilliant. Keep going! :)
haha leo great post. i cant wait to see the new improved ripped leo matsuda :D
stefiecakes said…
Wow, it sounds pretty convenient to have a trainer that is also your roommate! I need one of those asap!
tek! said…
hahaha the classic 'predator' movie quote comes to mind: 'This stuff will turn you into a goddamned sexual Tyrannosaurus!'
Kendra Melton said…
motivating, haha, and that last image is hilarious.
Growth Hormone said…

Testosterone is probably the most vital hormone coursing through a mans body. it is important for strength as well as overall fitness. Thank you...
Régis said…
Hahaha, that story is full of bull! And I DON'T mean bullshit. ;)

Another hilarious story.
Adam said…
Your stuff is hilarious!! Very motivational.
Nate Villanueva said…
Get SWOLL bro!
Sandro Cleuzo said…
Great stuff, Leo!
I really laughed out loud at these drawings.
Good luck with the training too.
CH said…
Hey Leo, just wanted to say that I think you have an awesome blog. I love your story drawings and I learn a lot from them (trying myself to go for storyboarding).
Ronan McDermott said…
Nice post. I also really like the Sherlock Holmes drawings. They are great.
Renae Su said…
expressive and fun characters, I quite like it!
Moro Rogers said…
Darn, I stop reading your blog for a while, and when I come back, you've got BULL POWER. Shame on me.
Testosterone said…
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