Sorry for being away for so long. I've been lifting super heavy weights recently and haven't had time to update this blog. I have constant sores in my body and that makes my arms almost numb.
A few days ago I was visiting my grandma in Brazil. Yup, it was a vacation but if you think I was taking it easy you are dead wrong. I found a local gym there and kept pushing my heavy weights so I can get buffed like these brazilian dudes.

I looked around and checked those brazilian beasts for some inspiration and got down to business. I started with the Bench press to make my chest big....
Insane amount of Push-ups for my chest to look even more beautiful.

And off course, I couldn't forget to tone my biceps.

After 50 minutes of heavy lifting I was finally done for the day. I was a bit dizzy but that didn't matter my body looked pretty good.  I call it the "THE HULK EFFECT".Right after the work out my body looks huge but after 30 minutes it all shrinks down and I look all skinny again. It's frustrating to go back to normal but I really enjoy those 30 minutes.
So I got back to grandma's house while still in "HULK EFFECT". Grandma looked very distressed.
She couldn't watch the last episode of her favorite soup-opera because a lamp was burned out.
She pointed out the lamp and told me she was afraid of climbing the ladder because the ceiling was too high.
I told her not to worry for her lovely and strong grandson was there to rescue that poor little kitty from that tall tree.
Showing of my muscles I climbed the ladder with the arrogance of a macho.
I finally got up there.
Grandma was proud of me and couldn't wait for have that lamp fixed so she could finally watch the last episode....but something unexpected started to happen with my body.
I couldn't lift my arms. They were completely numb because of that insanely heavy-lifting.
The more I tried the number I got.
At first she was quite understanding with my failed attempts but the last episode was almost over by that point was her lasting patience.

So grandma had to do it herself.

She climbed that long ladder herself endangering her health while I agonized in pain like a baby.
Yup! She showed me the tongue. I was a bit pissed off and embarassed but gradma was right. I guess I'm not handling the "THE HULK EFFECT" well and that's making me useless. It will probably take me sometime to handle my muscles but I'm sure one of this days I'll make grandma very proud.


Sam Ricks said…
I'm about to start a weight-training regimen, so this is truly inspiring. ;)

Love your blog. Keep the stories comin'.
Ronan said…
Great post. I'm loving the blog. Very funny stuff.
Leo Matsuda said…
Sam: Good luck with your weight-training regimen!! Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

Ronan: Thank you for the kind words, man!
Chris said…
Leo, man, dont hulk out too much!
Your stories are awesome!
Their stories are incredible, excellent blog.
Unknown said…
ばか! DX<

Aw. You draw your お婆さん so sweetly! You must really love her, huh? My grandma was so sweet.

お元気で! :-)

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