Don't read this post if you haven't seen Hunger games.

This past weekend I went with my girlfriend Kate to watch Hunger games in 3D. I came completely new into it and was very curious to watch this film. So many people have been raving about the books! I thought about reading it but it's almost 6000 I went to the movie !!

I enjoyed the film but the 3rd act felt flat for me.

These random mutts pop from the ground and start chasing the couple from district 12.

The 3D mutts jumped out of the screen freaking out Kate. Instead of holding my hand or cuddling with me she grabbed my arm and sticked in front of her face so in case those virtual dogs attacked my arm would go first.

That made me think...If we were a real team at the hunger games I would probably be the first one to die.

And below is Kate's wonderful version of what would happen if we were competing on Hunger Games:


Lidix said…
hahaha!Very Funny!!Lovit!

Are your names Kate and Leo?..Wait to see "Titanic" in 3d....XD

brigette b said…
Ha ha! I would die instantly too. I was thinking about that through the whole movie.
Will Kim said…
LOVE IT!!! I still haven't seen the Hunger Games film.
hahaha! To chorando de rir aqui, Leo! Demais!

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