This summer, ISM: A Community Project celebrates 10 years of creativity and accomplishments with a retrospective book and an exhibition at Grand Central Art Center. To commemorate the occasion ISM has also developed 3 new projects for public participation.
_______ism will be on display at the ISM: 10 year celebration at Grand Central Art Center from Saturday, July 7 until Sunday, August 12.

                               below is my piece: CARNIVORISM


Claire said…
Haha! Poor cow :(
Welton said…
Olá Leo, eu encontrei seu blog no blog do Luciano ( Lulu )...
Incrivel seu trabalho, seu design é espetacular e adorei suas histórias são muito engraçadas, me inspirou bastante ver seus trabalhos, parabéns ! =D

James Bourne said…
Mr. Matsuda, big fan of your work. I have a quick question about your drawing and design methods: do you prefer to use shapes over line, or are they more intertwined and one while you draw? I hope that made sense.

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