"Grandmother, What big teeth you have got!"

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in the fractured fairy tales show that happened at the WWA gallery.  Other amazing artists contributed with beautiful pieces so check it out if you have a chance. For this show the artists were asked to come up with ideas related to fairy tales. I was always fascinated by how the wolf eats the grandmother in Red riding hood. It was such a fantastical idea the fact he swallowed the whole lady and she actually survived without a scratch after the wolf's belly is open.

  title: "Grandmother, What big teeth you have got!"
  media: gouache
  size: 16'x 10'

   Final Pass :

   Digital pass :


Lionel said…
Hahaha sou fã do seu traço Leo e seu humor é uma inspiração pra mim (a proposito vc ainda lembra do portugues?)
Quando puder dê uma passada em meu blog e diga se estou no caminho. Abraços do Brasil.
pakoto said…
yeah!! great work Leo!
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