The bully from kindergarten

This angry little boy was a colleague that I had in kindergarten. His name was Victor and he was always picking on me. One day I got mad at him and I bit his nose. He cried like a sissy and then he tried to beat me so bad but I ran away .


Moro Rogers said…
Heh, serves him right.^__^
IZA said…
Haha, this is great! What medium did you do this in?
Leo Matsuda said…
Moro: I agree with you Moro! how's your brake?.....Can't wait to see your film!!!!

Iza: Thanks for the kind words! I made those in photoshop.
Leo Matsuda said…
Jeremy Bernstein: Hey jeremy!!! Thanks for the kind words!!! Loved your cowboys too. Really old school drawings!!!
Haha, and this one has a great attitude!! Beutiful posing!

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