Furry Marionettes

So...I guess I'm a bit late with my assignment. Sorry guys!!!

This is a version of marionettes used for not being caught cutting trees. You can blame your doll and everything is okay! The lumberjacker puppet is pretty furry too. You can huge him in case you feel cold. Great deal isn't it?


magnus said…
Yo Leo!

Looks Great! Man I need to get drawing again, like.. right now! I'll keep in touch man, you can count on it. It was nice to see Mario Started a Blog. Great Stuff man! I like the drawing if your niece as well.


Josh (musarter) said…
Awesome to see some are still up for the challenge. These are great. I like how dasturdly that dude on the top drawing looks. Keep the drawings coming.
Amanda said…
Haha, that monster is really funny. Good stuff.
Leo Matsuda said…
Thank you so much everyone!!!

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